Apple follows lead of secure cloud services like that of SpiderOak.

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Following a recent letter to its customers, Apple decided to take their privacy protection measures to a new level by letting their iCloud users manage the keys to their data -- much like we do at SpiderOak.

In an article by eWeek News, Wayne Rash mentioned how Apple's effort to give privacy to their users aligns with our efforts:

"In effect, Apple is following the lead of secure cloud services such as SpiderOak which has been offering what it calls 'Zero Knowledge' cloud storage. By that, SpiderOak retains no information of whatever is stored in its cloud service, nor the means of gaining access to it. How good is this? SpiderOak even has a quote from former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden praising the zero knowledge approach." - Wayne Rash, eWeek News

Encryption and data privacy was a big topic at SXSW, and the Apple vs. FBI debate was front and center. During a privacy and encryption panel discussion at the show, our co-founder Alan Fairless stated that "for any one person to have privacy, everyone should have privacy.” Privacy is at the core of our business— it’s why we build the tools we do. Everyone deserves privacy, especially online, where it’s hard for individuals and organizations to ensure it.

We are pleased to learn that Apple will join the battle in protecting privacy, encryption, and the future of technology during this time that we need it most. We also hope that more companies follow suit in making privacy for their customers a top priority.

What do you think of Apple’s latest rumored plan to move encryption keys to the user?