Hello fellow privacy-lovers –

We wanted to send you a personal note and update for transparency’s sake. As many of you know, Edward Snowden recently mentioned SpiderOak again and it caused another great wave of interest and attention. Because the abnormally high volume of inquiries (which is great!), we’re a bit behind. In an effort to preemptively address some of the things you’re having trouble with, we put together the Top 5 inbound questions we’re seeing at the moment.

Thank you for your patience! Please trust are working as fast as we can to get back to you! Currently, our typical response time is anywhere from two to four days to respond to an initial support request. Our best guess is that in a week or so our response time to be back to normal, around 24-48 hours. We will update this post in a couple days to let you know where things are. We’re truly sorry, as we know this isn’t ideal, but are grateful for your understanding.


1) I’m having trouble logging in online and via mobile after creating an account.

Before you attempt to login online or via mobile YOU MUST first install the desktop program and login there.

After you fill out the sign-up form, immediately install the program on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer and login. (Download hereif you need it.)

You can then upload your data from the desktop application. Huzzah!

If you used a password manager or generator:

Password managers only store what is sent to the server. In SpiderOak’s case, it saves the indecipherable encryption keys. SpiderOak is not compatible with password managers and we apologize for the inconvenience. You will have to manually copy/paste your password each time you login.

2) I forgot my password.

SpiderOak has a Zero-knowledge privacy policy. We never have any knowledge of your password and have no way to retrieve or reset it, even in emergencies.This is our way of ensuring that our customers’ data is always completely secure.

If you have access to the desktop application, you can change your password by going to ‘Account’. Select the first “Edit” button and enter your new password.

If you created a ‘Hint’ for your password when you first made your account, you can have that hint sent to your registered e-mail address by entering your username here.

Please make sure to check your spam or junk mail folders for the hint.

3) How do I add my phone as a device and upload files from it?

Unfortunately, we do not provide mobile backup at this time, so you won’t be able to add your mobile device to your account, The mobile app is read-only meaning you can not upload, sync or edit files from your phone or tablet.

We are working on developing secure mobile backup, but are not sure on the ETA. Keep an eye out here on our blog for updates around mobile uploads – it’s a popular request and it’s coming!

You must have a laptop or desktop computer in order to use SpiderOak.

4) Can I relocate the Hive folder?

You are not able to relocate your Hive folder. SpiderOak does not scan or tag the Hive folder ‘drive wide’ so the only way to guarantee backup and sync of the location is to use a pre-set name for the folder.

However, you can still backup your data from any location by selecting your files under the ‘BackUp’ tab in SpiderOak desktop application.

5) I accidentally selected a file for backup. I removed it from my backup selection, but it still keeps uploading. What can I do?

You will need to clear the queue of all tasks from the command line. For instructions, please visit this FAQ.

Once the queue is cleared, you can reopen SpiderOak and remove the file from the backup selection. You can also remove any data from under the ‘View’ tab.