5 Business Practices That Increase Productivity

Like many business leaders, you might be reviewing your budget in an effort to increase efficiency and simultaneously cut costs. But doing more with less and delivering the best on a limited budget can be difficult.

To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is critical. There are two ways increase your output — by putting in more hours or working smarter. Here are five tips to help your business work smarter, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition:

Deliver anytime, anywhere access to employees on the go: To stay productive on the move, your employees need to be able to reach the people and information they need — anywhere, anytime. With tools like virtual private networks (VPNs), your employees can work outside the office and still enjoy safe access to the business network.

SpiderOak offers some excellent, security-centric solutions that give your employees the ability to communicate and access files in a No Knowledge environment. Semaphor is one of the best ways to connect your team and smooth out creases in communication. SpiderOak ONE gives you access to all of your files on any of your devices.

Don’t forget about healthy habits: Productivity is all about working steadily at a goal, not about burning out, with a visit to the hospital thrown in. Break your goals into small, bite-sized chunks of work that can be done in less than an hour. And take mini-breaks in between, doing healthy things like deep breathing or snacking on celery and radishes.

Review your existing setup: Look at your processes from the point of view of a potential investor. Keep in mind the overall objective and vision of the business, and ensure the processes meet those goals and add value. Draw an accurate map of each process in your material and information flow. By doing this, you can better understand the links between various elements of your production, and you will be better equipped to identify and eliminate waste throughout your company.

Have a backup strategy: Losing important data to a fire or some other disaster at your business premises can devastate your business. Data back-up service providers have preached this message for a long time, but with the availability of cloud services it is now much more convenient to heed the message.

One of the greatest things about backing up data is the ease at which you are able to retrieve files and information. When you back up data, you have the ability to access specific files in seconds. If using a cloud storage system, you not only have quick access to data, but you are able to access this data from any location with an Internet connection.

 Develop a long-term technology plan: The process of replacing obsolete hardware can interrupt your employees and bring the office to a standstill. You can minimize such disruptions by carefully determining short- and long-term business objectives and working with your network vendor to deploy technology that matches them.

Overall, if you feel the need to increase your productivity, resist the temptation put in longer hours or pack more into your already-full calendar. Instead, take a step back, and think about ways you can work smarter, not harder.