The Accounts API enables creation and manipulation of SpiderOak accounts. There are two kinds of accounts that can be manipulated by the API, User Accounts and Partner Accounts.

API Root

The Accounts API typically has a root URL of:


So for example, the Enterprise Quota method would be found at the URL:

Pinging the API

GET /ping

Test your connection to the API.

Status Codes:
  • 200 – The API will return a response with the JSON content “pong”.

User Accounts

User Accounts are associated with an end user of the SpiderOak backup product. They may be regular SpiderOak users, or they may fall under a whitelabel or enterprise brand. There are special API methods available for branded User Accounts that do not apply to regular SpiderOak users.

Partner Accounts

Partner Accounts are associated with a whitelabel or enterprise partner. API methods for Partner Accounts are available to manage settings that apply to a brand as a whole, such as the partner’s support email address, billing information, global end-user restrictions, etc.

API Authentication

Certain methods require the API client to be authenticated. There are different authentication methods available for different uses - simple password-based HTTP authentication is typically used for authenticating Partner Accounts, whereas a special token-based mechanism is employed when zero-knowledge must be maintained.

JSON Encoding

All API methods that take input expect the request body to be JSON encoded, unless otherwise noted. All API methods that produce a response return JSON.

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