Privacy is our mission


Leadership & Team


Alan Fairless

Co-Founder & CEO

Veteran systems developer with 15 years experience building robust and scalable distributed systems. Believes working online should be as private as meeting in person.


Mike McCamon

President & CMO

Serial disrupter with 25+ years technology experience with Apple, Intel, Sprint, Bluetooth, and startups. Most recently advocate for safe water at


Matt Erickson

Vice President, Development

Believes the fight to make tomorrow better than today. Began with HPC design, then climate & biofuel research @ U of Illinois Urbana. Fascinated with privacy UX


Chris Cooley

Director, Business Development

Privacy advocate, startup veteran, and tech enthusiast. The link between those looking to protect data and the team that creates solutions.


Laura Gowans

Director, Customer Experience

Believes privacy should be understandable and available to everyone. Fighting to achieve this by building better user experiences with privacy technologies

Aaron Hampton


Adam Tervort


Adam Mashinchi


Andrew Houts


Ben Zimmerman


Benjamin Marlins


Brian Smith


Cade Diehm

User Experience

Chip Black


Christina Trakas


Dana Rasmussen


Daniel Krow


David Zuwenden


Diego Marcovecchio


Doug Fort


Doug Greer


Erin Risner


Frank Sievertsen


Ivan Bienco


Jeremy Hoffine


Kat Tyler


Ken Manheimer


Leandro Balmaceda


Louis Center

User Experience

Lucas Rodriguez


Melissa Arroyo


Peter Chu


Quentin Donnellan


Reed Haynes


Renee Jackson

Quality Assurance

Robert Fairburn


Roger Upole


Shanya Almafeta


Tomás Touceda


Warren Post


Zahari Petkov


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SpiderOak, Inc. spends days and nights operating from virtual workplaces in seven timezones. Our data center is secured, maintained, and monitored 24x7. Our address is 4741 Central Street, Suite 324, Kansas City, MO 64112. While unattended, you can leave a message for us at 866-432-9888.

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Why don't other major corporations build Zero Knowledge systems?

It's often unprofitable or impractical, and otherwise it's a bunch of extra work.

Apple follows lead of secure cloud services like that of SpiderOak.

Offering Zero Knowledge to online users is becoming a no-brainer for Apple.

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Instant and reckless snap judgments of character can be made by what someone posts or what others say about us online.

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Status Report, February 2016

Status Report, February 2016

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As the company continues to grow and decides how to best serve our supporters, we decided to make some changes to our trial policy.

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Special Holiday Discount for SpiderOakers – 40% off Golden Frog’s VyprVPN

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"Yeah, we ditched Google."

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Online Privacy Gets a Facelift

Own your social network and easy password management newest additions to privacy lineup from SpiderOak

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The way we interact in the digital world is a replica of how we interact in the physical world, making us believe that...

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Privacy vs. Security: The Distinction You Need to Know

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Status Report, August 2015

Status Report, August 2015

The Key to Privacy No One's Talking About

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Privacy solutions company SpiderOak today launched SpiderOakONE, the latest major release of its popular Zero Knowledge backup solution.

SpiderOak's Refer-a-Friend Program

Recently we've had some big changes are are excited for even more in the coming months. We are currently...

Privacy is a Knife

It’s the never-ending debate: Privacy v. Security. Our security officer talks about the recent Germanwings pilot who crashed...

Encryption is the 2nd Amendment for the Internet

Encryption is how privacy-conscious Internet users fight back and protect themselves online

SpiderOak Mobile App: Fun with Internationalization

As we release our mobile app with support for six languages - English (two dialects), French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish...

Happy World Backup Day: Why We Love Our Customers

As anyone who’s ever worked a customer service job will tell you, working with people is not always a joy. That’s why I feel so lucky that..

Prevent getting locked out of your account

There’s nothing worse than having faithfully backed up your files, then realizing you can’t actually access them when you need them. Do this

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View the latest Transparency Report for all activity over our last calendar year. We are proud to stand behind out commitment in...

Status Report (February 11, 2015)

PGP Signature and Status Report for 2015...

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Twitter chat, privacy is good for business.

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These examples prove that our privacy is not something to be taken lightly. Here are some tips as well as the top breaches...

SpiderOak on Yosemite

We do support Yosemite. Here are some FAQs...

"No Privacy Cake": 1 cup of data, 2 spoons of metadata, 1 cup of big company

Google Docs tracks and saves every key stroke you make. While it might look harmless...

China's interest in iCloud, what about SpiderOak?

China has total access to the *tubes* that feed internet in and out of the country. And they can do whatever they want with what goes...

Special discount for SpiderOakers: 25% off Golden Frog's VyprVPN

For the privacy-aware: a VPN service we recommend with a 25% off discount, and a little more about how VPNs work...

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