For more than 10 years, we've been building end-to-end encrypted software products for people who care about privacy & security.

SpiderOak Leadership


Alan Fairless Co-Founder & CEO

Veteran systems developer with 25 years of experience building robust and scalable distributed systems. Believes working online should be as private as meeting in person.


Jonathan Moore Chief Technology Officer

Passionate believer that technology can be used to enable more effective communication. Has over 20 years of experience delivering technology across industries, and has been a long time member of the cryptography and privacy communities.


Laura Gowans Chief Operating Officer

Believes privacy should be understandable and available to everyone. Fighting to achieve this by building better UX with privacy technologies.


Adam Mashinchi Chief Product Officer

With his technical background in systems administration, web and application development, mobile operating systems, and computer security, Adam specializes in bringing secure communication and collaboration to the enterprise marketplace.


Matt Erickson Vice President, Engineering

Believes in the fight to make tomorrow better than today. Began with HPC design, then climate & biofuel research @ U of Illinois Urbana. Fascinated with privacy UX.

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SpiderOak, Inc. works from virtual workplaces in seven timezones. Our data center is secured, maintained, and monitored 24x7. Our address is 4741 Central Street, Suite 324, Kansas City, MO 64112. While unattended, you can leave a message for us at 866-432-9888.

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Status Report, August 2017

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Please read: Important information on security bug fixes in our backup products.


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Status Report, February 2017

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Let's talk about encryption at SX. Vote for our panels.

Encryption was a consistent conversation at SXSW 2016. Let's keep the conversation going. Please vote for our encryption and privacy panels.

Status Report, August 2016

Status Report, August 2016

Privacy over the years: 1917 - Present

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We’re asking for your support and a few minutes of your time. Join us and the EFF to help raise awareness of this issue.

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Facebook shadow profiles: a profile of you that you never created.

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Sometimes, data mining can get a little bit out of hand. Here are a few tools that will help you avoid intrusive ads, trackers, and more.

"Hundreds of Eyes": Today’s Pantopicon

Privacy and surveillance may seem like a trending topic today, but these events were present centuries ago.

Special Offer for SpiderOakers – 25% off Golden Frog’s VyprVPN

We are excited to announce VyprVPN Server, a new product in beta offered by our partner Golden Frog!

Celebrating 10 Years of Privacy at SpiderOak

We built SpiderOak with privacy from day one.

Why don't other major corporations build Zero Knowledge systems?

It's often unprofitable or impractical, and otherwise it's a bunch of extra work.

Apple follows lead of secure cloud services like that of SpiderOak.

Offering Zero Knowledge to online users is becoming a no-brainer for Apple.

Shocking privacy stats your CIO wish you knew

Every day is a potential cybersecurity threat to your company, your coworkers, and you.

Status Report, February 2016

Status Report, February 2016

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Did you notice? The Internet shifted from files, folders, to timelines

We now work and collaborate faster when using timelines instead of files and folders.

Policy Update: Enforcing Trials

As the company continues to grow and decides how to best serve our supporters, we decided to make some changes to our trial policy.

Special Holiday Discount for SpiderOakers – 40% off Golden Frog’s VyprVPN

We’re proud to announce that our partner, Golden Frog, is offering SpiderOak customers an exclusive holiday special.