SpiderOak Secure Sync

Sync across all your devices.

SpiderOak has developed an easy, flexible, and secure solution for making sure all of your important documents, pictures, music, and/or movies are in constant synchronization among any number of your devices. In practice it is as easy as in concept - simply select two or more folders to synchronize and SpiderOak will do the rest by automatically getting to work in the background.

It is time to keep all your data updated and in sync between all of your computers - be they Windows, Mac or Linux. The time has come for SpiderOak.

Do I have to pay extra for the Sync functionality?

The short answer is - no. At SpiderOak all features are offered to every user regardless of the amount of space consumed. In essence, we think of the software as free - charging you only for the amount of space you use. And as such, you can backup, sync, share, remotely access, and store as much or as little as you like.

How does the SpiderOak Sync solution work?

SpiderOak Sync is seamlessly incorporated into our application - providing another service alongside backup, sharing and storage. And unlike other applications, SpiderOak sync provides the flexibility to define any number of sync operations such that you can have one sync running between your Windows and Mac machines containing photos and another between your Windows desktop and external drive containing important business documents.

To begin the synchronization process, you must first select the folders you would like to backup (or upload) to the SpiderOak cloud. Once complete, it is as easy as selecting any number of folders across any number of machines to synchronize together.

On the processing end, our Sync algorithm works diligently to compare all the journals and the time-stamps associated with each synced folder and makes the smartest judgment on which file is the most recent. And don't worry if one of your computer's clocks forgets to change, you can always retrieve any previous version of any document and make that current just in case. At SpiderOak we leave nothing up to chance and save everything for the 'just in case' scenarios.

When is my data synchronized?

The SpiderOak client watches quietly over all of your folders being synchronized within your SpiderOak Network. As soon as a change is committed, that change is immediately replicated to the other folders connected to this sync operation.

NOTE: If a backup is occurring, SpiderOak will wait until the backup is complete in order to ensure the files being synced are the most up to date available.

Does SpiderOak Sync keep my folder structure intact when synchronizing?

As opposed to other services offering sync, SpiderOak is adamant about allowing users to maintain their folder structures intact. This does not just relate to Sync but is the same for Backup as well as Sharing. We believe you created and named your folders for a reason and it would be wholly inconvenient for us to arbitrarily change them for any reason. SpiderOak was designed to work with you and never against.

How does SpiderOak keep my data secure when using Sync?

As with any operation being performed through the client, SpiderOak Sync retains the strictest and most secure privacy measures in the marketplace - ensuring that a 3rd party will never be able to access your data during the synchronization process for any reason (including the SpiderOak employees).

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