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Enterprise Security for Small to Midsized Business

Small to Midsized businesses have the same security concerns as the Fortune 500. What they don’t have is the security budget or IT staff to protect them. This is where SpiderOak can help.

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From secure communication and collaboration products, to instant messaging and forensically secure log data, SpiderOak has the security solution to meet your needs and budget.

Just like Dropbox and Slack,
only secure

Messaging and chat with transparency and trust

Build end-to-end encrypted application on a private blockchain

Secure, reliable backup to protect your files from data loss and ransomware.

Forensically secure immutable logs for monitoring and auditing system events.

Prevent data loss with Zero-Trust, end-to-end encrypted endpoint backup.

Your business has its own unique security needs and requirements. SpiderOak provides the custom security solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry.